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My name is Esther, 

I'm a travelling Yoga and Healing practitioner / teacher. 

I grew up in Germany where the seed for my spiritual journey was planted already in my childhood though growing up with a mother deeply engaged in various spiritual philosophies especially Christianity. My deep calling for spirituality came in my early 20s where my life changed completely, questions of the meaning of life, the deeper understanding of reality were burning in me and I followed the calling to leave my home country permanently to seek and follow my path. At first I went to India to study for 6 month traditional Tantra in an Kashmir Shaivism ashram where I completed a 500 hours Yoga teacher training. After my path led me for a few month to Nepal where many very special, magical incidents crossed my path and where I as well have been in a solitary spiritual training for one month with Devika (Himalayan Yogini) which got me very clear on my path. After I came to study Reiki which completely changed and enriched my life in any possible way. There is no words to describe the joy and magic that Reiki brought to my life! I became a Reiki Master-Teacher and have been actively teaching since many years. I can't describe the gratitude I have for being able to bring this wonderful healing tool to other people and see them flourish and growing on their spiritual path!

I have been passionate about healing arts since and have been trained in various healing modalities such as Crystal Healing, Siddha Healing, Chi Nei Tsang (Level 1+2), Access Bars, Theta Healing, Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Regression Thetapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Innerdance facilitation, several Massage modalities as well as various different Yoga courses and trainings. All of those gave me a bigger picture and wider understanding of healing arts which I love to share.