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Have you ever felt there is more than the physical body and you want to feel and experience this? 

And did you ever feel like wanting to be more connected to source, more guided in life, more intuitive, more heart centered in relation to others and your environment?

Becoming attuned to Reiki is a powerful way to go this path and way more. It's a beautiful healing modality which allows you to completely rediscover yourself as you will be more in tune with your energies, your higher self and the universal wisdom. 



2 day course, which gives you a full theoretical and practical understanding of Reiki, how it works, the benefits and everything else to know in order to confidently give full self-treatments and treatments to others as well as how to use Reiki in your daily life and for spiritual growth. 

Course Fee : 5,000 BHT -  Included attunement, course manual and certificate 



2 day course where you will get the first 3 Usui Reiki Symbols, learn about the different uses such as distant healing, healing the past, collective or sending energy beyond time and space, working more effectively on emotional and mental blockages and how to work more fluently and intuitively in a Reiki session. After the Level 2 attunement you will also be able to channel the Reiki energy in a more powerful way and with a different quality. 

A chakra balancing technique, how to work with chakra stones and crystals in general, using a pendulum and other tools will be taught as well. 


Course Fee : 7,000 BHT -  Included attunement, course manual and certificate 



This is the final step in the Usui Reiki System, but really a beginning of a new life, new understanding, awareness, and level of consciousness. 

The Master attunement brings about many changes on the spiritual path of recipients, strengthening psychic abilities, allowing for very new experiences to come into reality matching the new vibrational level the recipient is put in. It feel like a gift from the Devine. 

A 3 - 4 day course where you will receive 6 more symbols, the Usui Master symbol and additionally 5 more powerful symbols from other Reiki lineages. Learn how to give attunements and how to teach Level 1,2 and 3 confidently.


Course Fee : 18,000 BHT -  Included attunement, course manual and certificate 

* For just Master or Teacher Level please contact me direct.



Crystals are very beautiful allies on your healing path or just to support you in many different ways. 

Crystals are powerful communication tools to other dimensions, which we can use in meditation or crystal grids. 

In this 2 days course you will learn everything important about crystals, how they grow, different types of crystals, what defines them, their inherent geometric structure, healing properties, how to work with them, cleanse and store them. Different crystal meditations, how to work with different types of crystal grids and intuitive crystals mandalas and how to activate them. 

Course Fee : 9,000 BHT -  You will receive a course manual and certificate 



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Access Bars® is a powerful tool to discharge limiting beliefs from the brain that keep us being trapped in our self creates box which is the reality we experience now and which keep us from living our full potential, that what is the true you! 

Read more about the treatment here.

This is a 1 full day course with at least 9 hours teaching time where you learn all the theory around the Access Bars® treatment, get information about other powerful AccessConsciousness tools such as running clearings, how to get any

yes / no answers from your body and many more. You will learn how to confidently give an Access Bars® treatment where each participant will give and receive twice in the course. 

Please contact me for course pricing.